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Citi Golf MK1 : How to Modify and Restore

Posted Nov 10, 2023 | Visits: 570

Do Your Citi Golf MK1 up to be the envy of the crowd!

The Citi Golf MK1 is a South African institution. It's a car that generations of South Africans love for its affordability, reliability, and fun-to-drive nature. But what if you want to take your Citi Golf to the next level? What if you're going to make it truly unique?

That's where modification and restoration comes in. You can transform your Citi Golf MK1 into a stylish and performance-oriented car with time and effort.


There are many different ways to modify a Citi Golf MK1. Here are a few ideas:

    Engine: One of the most popular modifications is to swap out the original engine for something more powerful. Some popular options include the 1.6L 16V from the Golf MK2 GTi, the 2.0L 8V from the Golf MK2, and the 1.8T from the Golf MK4.

    Suspension and brakes: Upgrading the brakes and suspension can improve the car's handling and performance. Some popular upgrades include lowering springs, adjustable shocks, and polyurethane bushes. You can go for larger discs, calipers, and steel braided brake lines for the brakes.

    Wheels and tires: Larger wheels and tires can improve the car's appearance and performance. Some popular sizes include 15-inch wheels with 195/50R15 tires and 16-inch wheels with 205/45R16 tires.

    Bodywork: The bodywork can be modified by fitting wider wings or a spoiler to improve the car's appearance. You can also go for a complete respray in a new color.


If your Citi Golf MK1 is starting to show its age, consider restoring it. This involves repairing any damage to the bodywork and interior and repainting the car if necessary.

Here are a few tips for restoring a Citi Golf MK1:

    Rust removal: The Citi Golf MK1 is prone to rust, so removing any rust before restoring the car is essential using a wire brush or a chemical rust remover.

    Paintwork: You can repaint the car once the rust has been removed. Use the correct paint color and code if you're going for a factory-original finish.

    Interior: The interior can be restored by replacing the seats, carpets, and trim. You can also upgrade the interior with new features, such as a modern sound system or air conditioning.


The Citi Golf MK1 is a great car to modify and restore. You can transform it into a unique, stylish, fun, and reliable vehicle with time and effort.

Here are a few additional tips:

    When modifying your Citi Golf MK1, it's essential to use high-quality components and to have the work done by a qualified mechanic.

    If you're restoring your Citi Golf MK1, using original parts or high-quality reproductions is essential.

    Many online resources and forums are available to help you with your Citi Golf MK1 project.

So what are you waiting for? Start modifying and restoring your Citi Golf MK1 today!





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