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Polo Bujwa 1.6 : Adding a Body Kit!

Posted Oct 27, 2023 | Visits: 614

A Guide to Adding a Body Kit to your VW Polo Bujwa 1.6.


Your VW Polo Bujwa 1.6 is a reliable and stylish ride, but if you want to take its appearance to the next level, adding a body kit is a fantastic way to achieve a more aggressive and sporty look.

In this general guide, we'll look at how to add a body kit to your beloved Polo Bujwa 1.6, providing a unique visual appeal that sets your car apart from the crowd. Please ensure that you have the necessary skills before commencing any car project!

Choosing the Right Body Kit:

Before you embark on this customization journey, choose the best body kit for your VW Polo Bujwa 1.6. Body kits come in various styles, from subtle enhancements to bold, eye-catching designs. Consider the look you want and select a kit that matches your taste and pocket. Either buy the right colour or get it colour matched for you by a professional.

What You'll Need:

Body kit

Basic hand tools

Sandpaper and primer


Jack and Jack stands

Step 1: Prepare Your Vehicle

Begin by parking your Polo Bujwa on a level surface and disconnecting the battery to ensure safety during installation. Next, raise your vehicle using a jack and secure it with jack stands, allowing easy access to the lower areas.

Step 2: Remove the Original Components

Carefully remove the original bumpers and side skirts. This process may require using a screwdriver or essential hand tools. Ensure you keep all the hardware and screws; you'll need them to attach the new body kit components. Tape off any areas that are going to be visible at the end to avoid scratching, sanding or priming them.

Step 3: Prepare the Surfaces

To ensure a proper fit and a long-lasting result, clean and sand the surfaces where the new components will attach. After sanding the area, apply a layer of primer to prepare the areas for the body kit. 

Step 4: Attach the New Components

With the surfaces prepped and the original components removed, it's time to attach the new body kit pieces. Follow the kit's instructions carefully to secure each part in its designated position. It's important to align them correctly and fasten them securely to ensure a snug fit.

Step 5: Test Fit and Adjust

After attaching all the components, double-check the alignment and fit. Adjust to ensure the body kit sits flush and complements the vehicle's lines. Reconnect the battery once you're satisfied with the placement.

Step 6: Test Drive and Enjoy

Take your newly customized VW Polo Bujwa 1.6 for a test drive to ensure everything is secure and functioning correctly. You'll notice the immediate transformation in appearance as your car takes on a sportier and more aggressive look.


Adding a body kit to your VW Polo Bujwa 1.6 is a rewarding project that brings new life into your vehicle's aesthetics. With a well-fitting body kit, some essential tools, and patience, you can achieve a look that sets your car apart and reflects your unique style.

Whether you prefer subtle enhancements or bold, eye-catching designs, customizing your Polo Bujwa is an exciting journey toward a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Note: Before starting any car project, ensure it is within your technical capability and skills! There are many videos on Youtube you can watch if you have any doubts.





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